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Hear from some of the most accomplished and successful law enforcement practitioners in the profession. Classes cover a range of topics like mass casualty incidents, report writing for effective testimony, and more!

Classes are open to ALL active Law Enforcement officers!

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Legislative Updates From the 85th Texas Legislative Session

A considerable number of newly enacted laws will greatly impact law enforcement and other public safety practitioners, and this class was tailored for discussion on over two dozen changes to the Texas Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Health and Safety Code, Traffic Code, and Government Code. Of particular interest will be changes in laws specific to Location Restricted Knives, open and concealed carry of handguns for peace officers while off duty, and many others. The course is a TCOLE certified, 4-hour class taught by law enforcement and legal subject matter experts who will explain how the new changes affect the way we do our jobs in real-world terms, with real-world examples. The course is free of charge, available through your agency training coordinators or by contacting us directly, and is eligible for 4 hours of TCOLE credit.

Texas Open Carry and Law Enforcement

A comprehensive look at House Bill 910, both the United States Constitution's 2nd Amendment and Texas Constitution Article 1, Section 23, and how they affect law enforcement agencies' response to open carry enthusiasts. Hear seasoned, veteran law enforcement and legal representatives speak about their experiences handling situations involving both compliant and non-compliant open carriers and the potential for litigation those encounters represent. The reinforcement of training on the proper handling of both legally and illegally armed individuals is a must. The course is 3-hour, TCOLE certified, and free of charge.

The Analytics of Report Writing for Effective Testimony

More cases are dismissed, criminals released into custody, and legal and civil penalties assessed against law enforcement agencies based on ineffective field note offense reports and substandard courtroom testimony than all other discrepancies combined. Our legal and law enforcement staffs represent some of the strongest subject matter experts in the discipline, and their experiences testifying to physical and testimonial evidence make this course worth the 4 hours dedicated to it. The course is 4-hour TCOLE certified, free of charge, and includes a comprehensive student guide for each participant.

Civilian Response to an Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Incidents—Becoming an Active Participant in Your Own Rescue

This course focuses on members of the community who frequent restaurants, hospitals, theaters, churches, convenience stores and other locations considered soft, vulnerable targets by domestic and international terrorists. Our cadre of police special operations practitioners will teach civilians to recognize the need for constant situational awareness, the difference between Denial, Deliberation, and Decisive Action, and the tactics essential to being an active participant in their own safety—Run, Hide, and Fight. This course is 3 hours and free of charge.
This is a civilian training course and no TCOLE credits are awarded for attendance by LEO.

Public Safety First Response to Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Incidents—A Comprehensive Look at Effective Response Strategies and Tactics

This course focuses on public safety response to incidents requiring multi-agency assistance and teamwork to stop the killing and dying while evacuating a "hot" zone while using Unified Command objectives to meld resources together rapidly and effectively. Our instructors include subject matter experts from law enforcement, fire/rescue, and emergency medical services with extensive experience managing critical incidents "down range." This is a 4-hour TCOLE certified course and free of charge.

Point of Contact Critical Wound Care for Public Safety Practitioners

In today’s unpredictable and corrosive working environment, public safety first responders face many dangers, including increasingly high numbers of active shooter incidents resulting in critical injury to themselves, victims, witnesses, and suspects. The objective of this course is providing essential critical wound care at the point of injury and increasing survivability for first responders, while allowing them to "stay in the fight." Certified tactical medics with years of experience "down range" will teach students comprehension of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). All training is designed for first responders with little to no medical experience and is presented in an easy-to-learn format. It is a 4-hour TCOLE certified course delivered free of charge.

Use of Force/Deadly Force in 21st Century Policing

U.S. Law Shield’s course titled “A Comprehensive Look at Police Use of Force in the 21st Century” was developed as a vital tool for reinforcing current laws on use of force, directed discussion on Constitutionally accepted “reasonable” force applications, and pointed, real-world interaction between very experienced law enforcement and legal practitioners, and officers responsible for both the preservation of life safety and the security of lawful arrests, searches, and seizures, many of which involve the use of force or deadly force.

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